We are the “sale” in point of sale.

“It’s our mission to successfully turn the last mile of the customer journey at the POS into brand experience and sales.”

Benjamin Bauer, COO

Brand Experience

For today’s purchasing decisions it’s essential to celebrate the brand USP. 

Brand Ambassadors

A strong brand sells. In the changing retail landscape, brand experience is a major advantage of physical retail.


  • With permanent or temporary teams
  • Through product information and brand experience
  • By qualifying sales staff


The way products are presented is crucial for the success in an omni-channel world – product experience drives sales.


  • Through product advice
  • Through sampling
  • Through exhibition & event support

For more sales success we orchestrate our sales force, digital POS management and analytics leveraged by our extensive retail know-how.


The last mile at the POS is success-critical. We offer performance-based execution models, powered by digital POS management.


  • Optimized placement of products and advertising material
  • Display maintenance, setup and alteration
  • Order and returns management

Sales Force

Optimize your POS distribution to increase sales – for product launches or existing products.

What do we offer?

  • Sales support
  • Listing negotiations & AMP/MDF agreements
  • Product consulting & qualification

Category Services

Potential analysis, POS concepts and POS management services enabling targeted retail success.


What do we offer?

  • Data collection and management, potential analysis
  • Audits and mystery shopping
  • Planogram management
Replenishment & Logistics

A requisite for sales success is the right product availability. Our proven auto-replenishment system ensures the optimal supply chain.

Supply Chain Management

Linked distribution processes and optimized warehousing result in more sales.

How we support you:

  • With optimal stock at POS
  • With auto-replenishment
  • With rollouts and layout changes


We assure high quality standards with an efficient and scalable warehouse service.

What do we offer?

  • Storage & product management
  • Outbound shipment
  • Display & product packaging

POS 4.0

Digital POS Suite

At Plentyco, innovation is more than a buzzword. As an example take our Digital POS suite, which increases execution efficiency and enables a new level for category management.


Our POS App supports the field and sales force on site with step-by-step instructions, automatic planogram recognition, data collection and automated quality checks.

Planogram Management

Using augmented reality for planogram recognition, the software records the situation at the POS and compares it with the digital planogram database. Once captured, it helps driving category management on store level with new insights.

Retail Analytics
Digitales_POS_Management_Grafik3_Analytics (1)

Our dashboard-based POS suite tools helps you to stay up-to-date. Benefit from detailed project reports, out-of-stock  and comparative analysis. In addition, a variety of external data can be integrated.